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Real deal pasta and pizza in Branson, MO

Try our pasta and pizza specials in Branson!
At Ozark Mountain Pizza you can enjoy the best Italian food Branson, MO has to offer. Our pasta and pizza specials are second to none. If you don’t believe that, trust your stomach. Once it gets a taste of our delicious cuisine, pizza cravings will never be the same. Visit today or call us for delivery.

Pasta and pizza

Come make our favorite foods your favorite foods. Ozark Mountain Pizza of Branson West specializes in mouth-watering pasta and pizza meals that can drive any palate wild. From the classics to more gourmet and exotic fare, our menu is sure to excite every taste bud. And if we don’t have what you want, tell us and we will create a custom pizza made from our fine, fresh ingredients.

Italian favorites

Ozark Mountain Pizza’s menu is as diverse and exciting as all of Italy! In addition to pasta and pizza, we have a delicious assortment of fresh salads, sandwiches, meats and seafood specials that will leave you smiling long after you’ve left the restaurant. You’ll soon see why so many people and Branson-based businesses have made us their choice for lunch or dinner.

Home delivery

If you’re looking for a quiet night in, or just want a tasty excuse not to do the dishes, trust Ozark Mountain Pizza of Branson to make it happen. Call us and we can arrange delivery of your pasta and pizza dish quickly and easily. You can also mix and match, depending on your appetite, by including garlic bread or a salad in your order.


Meal Deal

Large 1 topping Pizza
2 liter

Family Special

Large Specialty Pizza
Large 1 topping Pizza
Putting grated cheese on a pizza at our pasta and pizza restaurant in Branson West, MO

Add On Special

Get an order of breadsticks and 2 ltr $4.99 (make it a cheese bread for $1.00 extra)

$1.00 Draft Beer

$1.00 Beer on tap



Small 1 topping $5.69                            Additional toppings $0.85
Medium 1 topping $9.29                      Additional toppings $1.20
Large 1 topping $11.79                         Additional toppings $1.50


Thin             Original


Canadian Bacon
Italian Sausage

Specialty Pizzas

Green Peppers
Black Olives
Banana Peppers
Small $9.99 Medium $13.99 Large $16.99

Bacon Cheeseburger - mustard sauce, beef, onions, bacon, cheddar cheese, pickles
Chicken Fajita - chicken, green peppers, onions, salsa, cheddar cheese
All Meats - pepperoni, ham, Italian sausage, beef
All Veggies - onions, green peppers, mushrooms, black olives
Supreme - pepperoni, ham, onions, green peppers, mushrooms, sausage, beef, black olives
Taco - refried beans, salsa, beef,, tomatoes, lettuce, onion, cheddar cheese
Hawaiian - ham, pineapple, bacon, choice of BBQ or pizza sauce
Chicken Alfredo - Alfredo sauce, chicken
BLT Pizza - bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo drizzle



6 inch: $4.49 12inch: $7.99
Most pizza toppings and salad ingredients are available for sandwiches
Turkey & Cheese
Ham & Cheese
Meatball - meatballs, marinara sauce, mozzarella
Italian - salami, pepperoni, ham, onions, green peppers, mozzarella


All pastas are individual servings and are served in a bread bowl
Spaghetti & Meatballs      $6.99
Chicken Alfredo                    $6.99


Breadsticks                                 $3.99
Cheese Breadsticks                $4.99
Cinnamon Sticks                       $4.99
Boneless Chicken Chunks     $6.99
Ranch Cups                                   $0.79


Add chicken $1.00
Side Salad                        $3.99
Fresh Garden Salad   $5.99
Chef Salad                       $6.99
Greek Salad                     $6.99
Caesar Salad                    $5.99  


Bavarian Dessert Pizza      12 inch $7.99


2 liters $2.59
Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Sierra Mist, Mug Root Beer
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